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Morningstar® Managed Portfolios Disclaimer

Morningstar Investment Services LLC ("MIS") will receive compensation for their investment advisory services provided under the Program as a percentage of assets. In addition, Morningstar Investment Services LLC ("MIS”) will delegate certain services to Terrafort Capital LLC (Terrafort Capital), such as assisting Terrafort Capital's clients in completing a questionnaire and other applicable account opening forms, determining suitability, meeting with Terrafort Capital's clients at least annually to obtain any changes in their financial situation, and acting as co-adviser between Morningstar Investment Services and Terrafort Capital's clients.

The Platform has connectivity to multiple institutions that are 'qualified custodians' as defined under Rule 206(4)-2 of the Advisers Act. These qualified custodians include Pershing Advisor Solutions, Fidelity, and Charles Schwab. These institutions support the Program by providing custody of account assets, trade execution and clearing services, and other recordkeeping activities in connection with Program accounts. None of these institutions are affiliated with Morningstar Investment Services, Morningstar Investment Management, or any affiliates, nor are any entities compensated by the institution for making their custodial and recordkeeping services available to Clients. Morningstar Investment Services does not endorse or recommend any introducing brokers, hedge funds, or third-party investment advisor, including Terrafort Capital LLC.

The Morningstar® Managed PortfoliosSM program is only available for citizens or legal residents of the United States. Please review the legal and disclaimers section before using the Morningstar® Managed PortfoliosSM Advisor Portal website. For additional information on Morningstar Investment Services, please visit the following links: