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How We Work

Our Principal's 24-year trajectory in the global capital markets along with his experience in wealth and asset management, and international capital markets make us well-positioned to manage the needs of our retail and institutional clients.

  • Investment & Asset Management: Terrafort Capital provides investment management services on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis, where client portfolios are managed according to the client’s stated investment goals and objectives. Working closely with our firm, clients will establish realistic and measurable investment goals and objectives to meet those goals will be defined. An adviser will recommend that clients allocate their investment portfolio among various asset classes, then once the appropriate asset allocation has been determined, the portfolio will be monitored and rebalanced on an ongoing basis as changes in market conditions and client circumstances occur. As part of these investment management services, we have an ongoing responsibility to select and make recommendations to our clients as to specific securities or other investments that may be purchased or sold for a client’s portfolio.

  • Outsourced CIO (Chief Investment Officer): Terrafort Capital provides Outsourced CIO (Chief Investment Officer) services to other businesses and financial institutions, their staff, investment committees, record-keepers, and other consultants. These services help relieve our clients of burdens such as asset allocation, portfolio construction, implementing portfolio decisions (both strategic and tactical), risk management, selection, and performance review of third-party asset managers, providing on-going oversight, and other areas of portfolio management, thereby enabling key decision makers to focus on important strategic initiatives.

  • Pension Consulting Services: Terrafort Capital provides pension consulting services to employee benefit plans and their fiduciaries based upon the needs of the plan and the services requested by the plan sponsor or named fiduciary. In general, these services may include an existing plan review and analysis, plan-level advice regarding fund selection and investment options, education services to plan participants, investment performance monitoring, and/or ongoing consulting. These pension consulting services will generally be non-discretionary and advisory in nature. We may also provide additional types of pension consulting services to plans on an individually negotiated basis.

  • Financial planning & Wealth Management: Financial Planning and Wealth Management services are provided to individuals and corporations with the objective of meeting their long-term financial goals by analyzing their current wealth and long-term monetary goals, as well as strategies to achieve those goals. This requires consulting with clients to explore their objectives, risk tolerance, and life or corporate stages, then identify a suitable class of investments for them. If necessary, a program could be established to help the client meet their goals by distributing their available savings into a diversified collection of assets designed to grow or provide income, as desired.

  • Product Design: Terrafort Capital provides investment product design services to qualified investors such as pension funds, bank treasuries, corporations, etc.

  • Educational Seminars/Workshops: Terrafort Capital offers educational, informative, and motivational workshops to the public as well as to associations, family foundations, and employers. Workshops are always offered on an impersonal basis and do not focus on the individual needs of the participants.

  • Training: Terrafort Capital provides training services to investment teams from qualified investors such as pension funds, bank treasuries, corporations, etc. on portfolio management best practices.

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